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Lunar Perspectives

The Facts About Opinions

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day that said “Don’t believe everything you think.” How great is that? Here’s a fact for you: OPINIONS ARE NOT FACTS. Webster defines opinions as: “Views or judgments formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.” So why do so many people get upset if [...]


Starting a business can be both exciting and empowering. That said, in today’s über-competitive and over-communicated marketplace, it takes more than just a great idea to sustain a business. To be successful, you need to be perceived as excellent, which is quite a different thing. Where to begin?…by focusing on building a powerful brand via [...]

All Change is Always Good

I have a certain belief that doesn’t usually go over well… it’s that all change is good. All of it. Always. All the time. I think of it as “social evolution.” Like Darwinian evolution, social evolution follows the basic tenets of survival of the fittest: it’s inevitable, relentless, and invisible to the naked eye in [...]

Lunar Perspective: PG&E

In my own experience, one of the best examples of the process and power of successfully navigating change is the Pacific Gas & Electric Company corporate identity program. When came to the firm I was working at, PG&E  had been using the same name, logo, tagline and color scheme for 78 years – since Warren [...]

The Weak at a Glance

In this series of weekly posts we’ll highlight examples of names, graphic designs, branding and identity we run across out there in the real world that we find deserving of discussion (and occasional ridicule). We promise we’ll try to make each one a “teachable moment” but, in some cases, a picture may be worth way [...]

"I always knew I wanted to be somebody... I see now I should have been more specific."