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Most companies are far better than the names,
logos and materials they use to represent themselves.Why is that?

Sometimes it’s because they’re not aware, or convinced, that a strong, strategic visual image will be a critical part of their success.

Sometimes they don’t remember that their expertise isn’t in design.

But most often it’s because they’re simply too close to what they do and, therefore,can’t appreciate how they might appear to the outside world.

StudioMoon specializes in Visual Identity – the art of bridging that gap. Working closely with a small number of clients, we create compelling and enduring brands that are memorable, long-lasting and unique….– for firms of all sizes, from all industries, and within all kinds of of time and budget constraints.

Making sure that you get credit for how great you are is the goal.

Getting there is what we do for our clients, all day, every day.

So if you’re looking for a big identity product in a smaller, more affordable, more personalized package – give us a call (or email, or tweet or SMS).

Ways to Reach the Moon:

tel:    415.648.9101
twitter:    @_studiomoon
facebook:    studiomoonbranding
linkedin:    studiomoon

"I always knew I wanted to be somebody... I see now I should have been more specific."